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equine soft tissue repair

Francis Whittington – International 3 Day Event Rider

“My top horse, Sir Percival 3rd is universally known as being “hot”, and losing points as a consequence in both the dressage and show-jumping elements.

“Percy”, though, holds a number of records as being fastest around X Country at many venues!

2007 / 2008 he over wintered with his owners in Scotland and upon arrival in Sussex was found to be covered, under the skin, in large bumps. He could not be saddled.

He was sent to the Royal Veterinary College for testing and diagnosis, and returned after several weeks – with no diagnosis!

I then used micro-current in a particular way, and all lumps disappeared within 3 days.

3 weeks later “Percy” was entered in a 1 Day International Event at Burnham Market.

He had a faultless dressage, double clear in show-jumping, very fast and clear at X country, and won the event.

Many fellow competitors mentioned / questioned the change to “Percy’s head”

Since then, I always travel to events with all horses using micro-current, using it again immediately prior to dressage and show-jumping, and whilst on way home.

The units are a fantastic addition to the yard.

They have enabled us to greatly reduce healing times, rapidly remove lactic acid build up after hard work and ensure that horses walk out of their stables as fit and well the day after the event as they did the day before.

I feel very confident in recommending ArcEquine to any horse owner”


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