The Programmes

We always recommend you first run through the following 6-week cycle in order to maximise ATP production. Once the initial 6-week cycle finishes you should use programme 4 (maintenance) for a minimum of two days a month, or you can select the individual  programme that best suits your horse's condition (please see below for a description of what each programme is addressing). If there is an injury, use ArcEquine every day on the most appropirate programme.

Every few months, we recommend running through the 6-week cycle again in order to maintain optimum results.

P1 = Pain 75% and Tissue Repair 25%Programming Illustration.png
use daily for 1 week

P2 = Pain 50% and Tissue Repair 50%
use daily for 2 weeks

P3 = Pain 25% and Tissue Repair 75%
use daily for 3 weeks

P4 = Pain 0% and Tissue Repair 100%
maintenance programme

Each programme lasts for 3 hours. You cannot overuse or misuse the ArcEquine.